Quick Checklist for Small Businesses

Smart and successful business owners know how to manage their finances throughout the year. Weekly, monthly and annual check-ins may be necessary to make sure business operations are on track for where you want to go. If it’s too much for a business owner to check in regularly, the halfway point during the year is … Continue reading Quick Checklist for Small Businesses

Financial Pros & Cons of Saying ‘I Do’

The Financial Pros & Cons of Saying, ‘I Do’ Some people think it’s un-romantic to discuss money matters before tying the knot. But it doesn’t have to be.  And if you can’t seem to agree on how you will handle finances, consider pre-financial counseling with a professional specifically trained in this area. Your local banker … Continue reading Financial Pros & Cons of Saying ‘I Do’

Kids & Money

Until this summer, it was solely up to parents to teach their kids about the importance of saving money. As of June 2016, however, Louisiana House Bill 401 requires that students in first through 12th grade receive financial literacy instruction. The goal is to empower kids to be confident, informed consumers and set them in … Continue reading Kids & Money