Recovering Financially After the Flood The recent flooding in South Louisiana has been called the worst natural disaster in the United States since Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Gov. John Bel Edwards described it as a “historic flooding event that is breaking every record.” Twenty parishes were declared a major disaster by the federal government, and Edwards estimates that at least … Continue reading Recovering Financially After the Flood

Go for Gold Watching an elite athlete or team perform phenomenally is certainly exciting and inspirational — but how feasible is it to simply apply winning approaches from sport to business? From my experience, I can see that there are clear parallels, but also some important differences. Uphold Your Values The three core values of the Olympic movement … Continue reading Go for Gold

What’s Bugging Business Owners

Finding qualified workers. An uncertain political climate. Increased regulations. Small business owners don’t have much enthusiasm for making capital outlays, increasing inventories or expanding with these worries on their minds. According to the National Federation of Independent Business’s Small Business Economic Trends’ most recent report, small business optimism rose two-tenths of a point in May … Continue reading What’s Bugging Business Owners

How Does Your Company Stack Up?

As a small business owner, you’re probably juggling various aspects of your company, but the question you need to be asking is whether you or anyone else is effectively managing its finances. You may be pleased with the paycheck you take home each month and feel you have ample cash flow to put back into … Continue reading How Does Your Company Stack Up?

Know Your Customer

How can listening to your customers but not truly understanding what they’re saying hurt your business? Professional speaker, author and trainer Dr. Dennis Rosen tells a story about an interaction between his father and a bank teller that illustrates just how important understanding can be. Dr. Rosen’s father worked two jobs and was proud to … Continue reading Know Your Customer

7 Steps to a Successful Loan

Seeking a loan can be a complicated and stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, lending standards have tightened in recent years, but banks want to loan money. It’s what they do. Whether it’s a startup loan, equipment loan, a loan to finance an expansion of your company or you’re just in need … Continue reading 7 Steps to a Successful Loan

Is a Small Business Credit Card Right for You?

The simple answer is likely yes — if for no other reason than how it can help you keep better records. But there are numerous reasons a small business credit card will work for you. Increasingly throughout the U.S., small business credit cards are being used to keep businesses afloat, with more than 30 percent … Continue reading Is a Small Business Credit Card Right for You?

The Best-Kept Secret to Preserving Cash Flow

Generating cash to meet overhead, payroll and other monthly expenses gets more difficult when business takes a turn. No matter what the industry, when work slows down, accounts receivables can get stretched from 30 days to 45 or 60 and even beyond that.  That’s why it’s important to stay on top of it at all … Continue reading The Best-Kept Secret to Preserving Cash Flow